3g Signal Map beta

So, a while ago a friend asked me to make a map/twitter mashup so he could tweet his location and the 3g signal strength he was receiving.

After a few weeks of mucking around and realising I don't really have the time at the moment to fully build what I want, I decided to release a quick mashup beta version. You can find it here;


There is still a lot of development I need to do;

Change to google maps Write a real time javascript Make it look pretty

As I said, at the moment it is in beta. To use it all you need to do is enable location in your twitter settings then tweet the company, signal strength out of ten and the hastag #3gsignal, for example;

T-Mobile 3/10 #3gsignal

There is currently around an hour delay between your tweet and displaying on the map, but I am working on improving this.

Keep checking it out!

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