Argh, Bloody protests

I can't help it, you knew this was coming. Its the week after the march...I have to say something! Before I start though, I want to make it clear that I do fully support the right of protest, just maybe not ignorant protests.

On Saturday the "voices of the mainstream" flooded into London to protest against the nasty Government spending cuts. In-fact, I am going to refuse to call them cuts from now on (i'll explain in another post), but yea the "Mainstream", or in the nicest way possible, the lesser tax paying people, came on a march to London to demand that more money earned by those that weren't there (most probably watching the Boat Race, or doing something to help the economy such as shopping) be spent on them. It's rather ticked me off.

To start, I am fed up of hearing the term "March for the Alternative", or "we should use the Alternative".....If I hear that term once more I am going to slap someone. O.K, I'm not actually....but I may throw my buttered crumpet at them. The reason for my annoyance...simple, what is the Alternative!?? Not one person I ask, not one, can tell me this alternative plan all I ever hear is "Too fast, too deep"....well Mr Miliband and all the trade union cronies....please, inform me of this alternative I would love to hear it. As far as me and my G.C.S.E maths is concerned; £710bn (amount we spend) - £589bn (amount we get) = £121bn missing. If we don't have that £121bn then we either don't spend it, or borrow it. Lets say we borrow it, and add that £121bn to our current borrowed money, which is £1000.4bn, meaning we owe £1121.4bn. That means our debt repayments stand at £50bn per year, if we don't cut then the deficit and debt are going to get worse, meaning our total debt increases meaning our debt repayments go up, meaning we have less money to spend, so we need to cut the deficit first, meaning we have to bring our spending under control. What exactly is the Alternative to this? Unless of course I have missed something, and the alternative was lots of aggressive and hormonal lefties attacking the Ritz, storming Fortnum and Masons and then smashing up some shops, that'll'll scare off the people we owe money to and maybe means we don't have to pay our debt?....bloody idiots.

My second annoyance, "Voice of the Mainstream"...bollocks. It is estimated that 250k turned up yesterday. Lets divide that up between each constituency (650), thats around 385ish people per constituency, the average constituency size is 95,500ish so....that's an average of is that the mainstream!?!?! Not only that, if you look at the demographics of who turned up...children, students and public sector workers...not the mainstream, so Mr Miliband...please stop referring to the the "Voice of the Mainstream"

Third thing, Mr Miliband's speech, I am disgusted to put it bluntly. I was generally sat there watching the news to listen to the glorious leaders speech to his comrades, to offer the alternative. Instead I heard some baboon comparing himself, emetically, to Nelson Mandela and then the suffragettes movement. How dare he.

Lastly the so called organised anarchists, the violence, their disgusting actions. They don't even warrant any comment.

All the time this was going on, I was doing my bit for the big society and the economy by buying overpriced beer and watching the boat race, how jolly that was.

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