Free iPhone/iPad CashMachine HTML5 App


It's been a while since I have blogged, mainly because I have been ridiculously busy. I thought I would start re-blogging with something useful to start.

A free HTML5 cash machine app with over 60k ATMs!

This site, or app, locates where you are with the normal "blue location dot" and displays it on a map. It then displays all of the cash machines in your area, and shows if they are free (Green) or fee (Red). If you click on the pin it will display how much it costs to withdraw, the name of the establishment and its address.

The best thing about it?? It's written in HTML5, which means that if you access if from your iPhone or iPad you can save it on your homescreen and access it at the click of a button!

To check it out, just head to

How to install on an iPhone/iPad

To use the app from your iPhone or iPad, just open up safari and head over to and click on the + button (or a square with an arrow) and select "Add to Home Screen", click "Add" and bingo, you have a free "find a cash Machine" app on your homescreen!

Please note....

This is a beta, so it's still in development so there maybe some issues, if you come across any just get in contact with me.

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