Global youth wellbeing index

In some ways, the UK doesn't appear to be a great place for the youth of today with the on-going demonisation of teenagers in the media. We are told day in day out exams are getting easier, youth unemployment is at it's highest. That teenagers are rebellious, drug addicted, sex obsessed, moral-less beings.

But, according to a new report from The Center for Strategic and International Studies and the International Youth Foundation the UK is 4th in it's index for the 'Global Youth Wellbeing Index'

The study compared 30 countries based on a wide range of indicators including economic opportunity for the youth, participation in society, access to health, education, information and communications, safety and security.

The top 5 rankings were;

1) Australia
2) Sweden
3) South Korea
4) United Kingdom
5) Germany

With the bottom five countries being;

26) India
27) Kenya
28) Tanzania
29) Uganda
30) Nigeria

Each country was ranked under each heading, with the UK coming;

Category Rank
Citizen Participation 10
Economic Opportunity 9
Education 5
Health 5
Safety & Security 6

You can read the full report here;


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