I hate paying to use a cash machine..

....so I decided to look around for a list of the locations of all of the cash machines in the UK, it would appear this is harder than I thought it would be! But I have managed to come across a list of all non bank owned cash machines, including the location and price to withdraw, now I can easily find a free cash machine to use!

Below is a google maps mashup with the locations and details as an overlay. It includes the name of the company that owns it, the address, price and longitude/latitude.

You can view the data here;

Location details of non bank owned cash machines

I have requested the data for the bank owned cash machines also, once I have this I will update the map. I was tempted to make an android/iphone app with this data, but I don't have time. If you fancy making one, let me know and i'll open the data up via an api call,


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