Nuclear Balls

....and no before you think it, this isn't a post about my Nuclear, or lack of, balls. It's about the awful situation over in Japan and in specific the Fukushima Nuclear plant. In-fact, this is actually a small rant, backed up with facts of course, to politely ask the anti-Nuclear power protestors to shut the fuck up! This isn't a post about the pros or cons of Nuclear Power, this is just specific to the Fukushima "Melt Down" and why we shouldn't worry, and why this is actually a testament to Nuclear Power!

So, lets start. Nuclear Power plants are safe, full stop. What has happened in Fukushima is awful, but it is also the best case scenario. To start, the explosion which burst into the UK headlines. It was supposed to do that, Nuclear Power plants are built with fail safes of which this is one. The explosion wasn't caused by Nuclear fuel, but was actually a hydrogen explosion and the power plant did what it was designed to, explode outwards to keep the pressure away from the reactor. Second, why did the back ups fail? Simple, it simply wasn't built to withstand what was thrown at it, and neither should it have been. It is built to withstand earthquakes and to withstand tsunami, but not a massive combination of the both. Thirdly, it was 40 years old! Thats right, the building was 40 years old and actually only two weeks away from being decommissioned. The fact that any building survived this disaster is a miracle, but the fact a building that was designed and built in the 60's/70's is even more so!

And penultimately, the radiation leaks. Bollocks, no other way to say this, the leaks are minimal. In-fact the level is actually currently standing at 0.138 microsievert per hour, to put this into perspective this is almost the same radiation level as easting a banana (which is 0.101) in-fact on a normal day each one of us will get roughly around 10.03 mircrosievert per hour exposure to radiation in our day to day lifes, so radiation fears around Fukushima are just balls, but not Nuclear balls.

Finally, my moan. Nuclear power is safe! surely you can see from the above? At some point I will add the sources to this post at the bottom, but for now you'll have to either take my word or google it yourself. 31 people died in Chernobyl, the major Nuclear fall out of the past 40 years, compared with 20,000 people that died in accidents in the oil based energy business. It's worth noting at this point that no one outside of the chernobyl incident has died in a nuclear accident. Now, I'm sure some people are going to say "but what about the ~30,000 people that died due to radiation affects from Chernobyl" Thats fine, i'm not going to dispute that, but surely if we count that (which is a side effect) then we must also count fine-particle air pollution, which has caused just shy of 1 million premature deaths in 2000 alone! So, by that count its a total of ~30,031 deaths for Nuclear and ~1,020,000 deaths for oil. Worked out in a simple way. Meh, in short, don't argue that Nuclear Power is unsafe and certainly don't use the Fukushima as an example for why it is unsafe.

I have added a nice graph showing radiation doses above.

Radiation level
PowerPlant Standards
Due to be shut down
Oil Deaths
Air Pollution and deaths

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