Project Plan - Excel Template

After spending some time trying to find an excel template I could use for a project plan came to a disappointing and unsuccessful end, I resorted to creating my own. I was after something that showed a Gantt chart, that I could use for costing and resource planning and with a nice simple "Dashboard" that I could use for meetings.

I thought I would put it my blog so others, who probably searched for the same things I did, can also use it!

The layout is simple, and its fairly straightforward to use and can be set up in a few small steps;

1) Fill out the phases and tasks on the "Tasks" tab
2) Add in the milestones and dates in the "Tasks" tab
3) Fill out the names and groups on the resources tab

and that's it, to use the actual costings section just paste the hours in the "resource" tab, and to update the status of a task just update the "tasks". The sheet will auto complete every thing else,

Feel free to contact me for help, and if you like....why not buy me a coffee using the link at the bottom of the page!

Download it here.

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