Rally Against Debt

The 26th March was the first, of many more i'm sure, protests by rock hurling students, over inflated trade union members and energetic unemployed layabouts retaliating and making their distress heard about the coalition budget cuts. The stupid, ignorant and selfish came out to play.

Well, now is a chance for the other side of the story to have a voice, to speak out, to rally and to support! Some people, myself included, feel that the coalition Government isn't go hard or fast enough to reduce our shocking deficit and eye-watering national debt ( I have included a picture above so you can see our debt repayments). The current plans will only cut spending to match that of what we spent in 07/08 (I keep mentioning this, I will write about it at some point, I promise!), which I personally don't remember being a year of hardship, mass unemployment or society breaking down, do you?

Unlike the assorted ignorant members of the NUS, UKUnCut and the TUC, a group of us are polite tea drinking, responsible tax-paying people and now we have a chance to show that the ignorant aren't the "voice of the people" (in-fact, if you read this you will see that 57% of people actually agree to the cuts!), but are just merely a group of window-licking prats wanting to burden our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren with unbearable amounts of debt, which will in turn give them a poorer chance at life.

A "Rally Against Debt" is being organised for well mannered, hard working, tax paying citizens to politely point out that we don't want our hard earned money being spent on stupid Government schemes but actually want the spending and debt to be drastically reduced. You can see the facebook event here, and their website here.

Please come along and support it, maybe we could even withdraw some money from HSBC, pop into Fortnum and Masons to buy some tea, go to Top Shop to congratulate Philip Green on employing so many young people and thank Vodafone for investing in technology and jobs to further the innovative ideas coming out of the bright people in this country. There you have it, a rally to say reduce the debt whilst, if we do the above, encouraging more spend in the economy...what a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon!

So come on troops, lets tell the Government it's ok to cut, in-fact lets cut further to stop our children inheriting an uncontrollable amount of debt, lets tell the lefties they aren't the voice of the people and lets show investors and the public that hope still exists in middle England!

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