RIM for sale?

So, after doing my weekly geeky check of share prices on a few big companies, I noticed that RIM's share price dropped below the $10 mark yesterday after a "surprise" announcement from Thorsten Henis, the CEO and President of RIM. In his announcement he mentions an expected loss, but more interesting is that they have hired JP Morgan and RBS as advisors to look at "alternatives" and provide "advice", or in short,...it looks like RIM are now up for sale.

RIM's decline has been coming for a while now, mainly due to the pure arrogance of the board and CEO who have made poor decision after poor decision. If RIM keep making losses it's only a matter of time until they are bust.

They could, if their heads weren't so far up their ar*e,save themselves by simply opening up their platform to Android apps and providing a real alternative to Android tablets. In-fact, I'll provide some "advice" Mr Henis - open your platform up tonight, today, actually...right now. I'm sure JP Morgan/RBS will provide the same advice, you can donate my fee to charity.

The playbook had its issues but one thing it did, does, is have a damn good browser, in-fact probably the best in the mobile market. Utilise it, build on it and attract customers and developers with a strong eco-system.

Failing that, sell....but sell quickly as RIM isn't looking like the most attractive buy. It's current market Capital is around $5.8billion, so if you wanted to buy them an offer around $8-10billion could ensure quick approval from the board. There is only one company I can think of, and according to internet rumours, who may be interested in RIM.

A company that may want to get into the mobile space, a company who wants the user to have a good internet experience, a company that could do with some patent protection if it is serious about entering the mobile market....oh and a company who suddenly has a large surplus of cash.

Likely? Maybe not, but with a wildcard like Zuckerberg you never know.

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