HTML5 Device Orientation API

August 06, 2014 // html5 | technology | code | deviceorientation

HTML5 is pretty damn awesome, containing loads of neat features. One of which is the Device Orientation API. Most phones, tablets and even some laptops now contain accelerometers, gyroscopes and other hardware used to capture orientation, acceleration & motion of the device. Using the power of HTML5, modern browsers can

FTSE100 Datafeed

April 23, 2012 // bootcamp | data | ftse | html5 | mashup

So, I'm still re-designing this site offline, but in the meantime here is a new mashup to playaround with; Enjoy!

Free iPhone/iPad CashMachine HTML5 App

September 24, 2011 // app | Cash Machine | html5 | ipad | iphone

  It's been a while since I have blogged, mainly because I have been ridiculously busy. I thought I would start re-blogging with something useful to start. A free HTML5 cash machine app with over 60k ATMs! This site, or app, locates where you are with the normal "blue location