The "Overwhelming Support" of balloted union members...

It's time for a change in the Strike Laws in this country. Simple, no arguments, it is pathetic and infuriating, costly and political. This time round, I am in specific, talking about the teacher strikes coming up on the 30th June. I don't really want to go into the depths of talking about why they balloted to strike, or what it is all about, I just want to talk about the numbers.

Here, we can see a graph of the results from the three main unions involved in this; The NUT, ATL and PCS. The graph shows in dark blue the total number of "Yes" votes for a strike and the light blue is the total number of balloted members.


It is clear to see that the "Overwhelming support" for stikes is actually less that 50% of the total number of balloted members in each union, in-fact if we break it down it looks like this;

Total number of people balloted; 602,423 and total "Yes" votes; 183,334. A massive 30.4% people balloted are in support of the strikes, which are now going ahead. Should the law be changed to a minimum of 50% turnout? In my opinion, yes. In-fact, if we actually look at last 10 years of big ballots from the NUT;

2002 (Mar), London weighting – 86% yes on a 30% turnout. NUT only
2003 (Oct), London weighting – 80% yes on a 39% turnout. NUT, ATL & NASUWT joint ballot
2008 (Apr), National pay ballot – 75% yes on a 32% turnout. NUT only
2008 (Nov), National pay ballot – 52% yes on a 30% turnout. NUT only

None of the above strikes would have happened. Of course, there are large arguments for and against this, and I don't have time to write them all up now, I just wanted to put up the results.

Thankfully, I'll be enjoying the sun in the Canary Islands whilst the strike is going on, although this does mean I won't be able to argue with anyone over it...

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