..Sorry Cut. I actually received a bit of stick about my post yesterday around the protests. The main stick coming from people complaining that I didn't mention the good causes that UKUnCut are doing, well after a bit of research I have decided to write something about UKUnCut.

I shall start by saying they have lost all credibility as a serious political force. Why? For a few reasons. I shall start with the "Occupation" of Fortnum and Masons. It would appear that the "Occupiers" forgot to do their research around the "Tax Avoidance" allegation they make against Fortnum and Masons, for if they had they would have realised that it is actually 79.2% owned by The Garfield Weston Foundation, a charity. (source here) The Garfield Weston Foundation donated over £40million to charitable causes last year, source here. This means that the money Fortnum and Masons will have to spend on repair and clean up from the "Occupation" will impact their profit, meaning there will be less money to donate to charities this year.

The second reason why they can't be credible; the allegations against Boots and Vodafone for Tax avoidance. These are completely unfounded, I won't go into it now but you can read the details here.. Albeit it does show that we need to simplify the tax rules in this country.

I'm not going to touch on the speeches that were given on Saturday, but I do want to touch on a few more things.

The targeting of the Ritz. That wasn't for tax avoidance or for being a nasty capitalist company, it was purely a class thing. Which leads me to my next point, UkUnCut isn't about the poor, it's not about the struggle of the working man, nor for better conditions for the poor or for better pay for the poor, things that are strife in the private sector It's merely about the public sector and it's workers. We can see this by looking at the Trade Union membership. Only 15% of the private sector are members of the TU compared with a 56% of public workers (source here) So UkUnCut can't claim that it is about the poor, and stopping cuts for the poor while it is trying to protect the relatively well paid public sector workers from redundancy.

Lastly, their complete avoidance of condemning the violence. How can an organisation be taken seriously if it supports violent measures, it completely undermines what ever that cause is, especially in this circumstance.

See this video from BBC newsnight last night;
Or this one, which shows their lack of economic understanding;

Either way, the Government shouldn't be concerned of UkUnCut, it's merely a bunch of middle class wannabe marxists who seem to lack any understanding of economics. The more they "Occupy" and cause damage the more they are alienating the normal working citizen and mainstream, thus the less influence and support they will gain. Shame really as they started off rather well.

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