'World Internet outage' yesterday?

So, yesterday something very odd happened that went pretty much without report. It appears that there was a 'world outage' which impacted pretty much half of the worlds internet users. With people only being able to visit a few sites, yet wouldn't get any response from other sites they tried to visit for about 30 minutes between around 03:00 - 03:30GMT.

According to Akamai's (a content deliver network) real time web traffic monitor at 03:00 GMT traffic attacks on the US increased to around 54.7% above average.

At around the same time 6 of the worlds 13 top level DNS root serves (like a phone book for the internet what translate human readable names into computer readable names such as example.com to 123.456.780) fell over too;

and along with that around 60% of North America's 37 routers had 100% packet loss being reported. http://www.internettrafficreport.com/namerica.htm

Basically, the internet stopped working for about 60% of US users and an indefinable amount of world users. I'm sure there will be lots of conspiracy tales of the NSA doing things but it was much more likely that AT & T deployed some dodgy routing config that buggered up traffic routing for a bit.

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